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Richard Perkins has been with the APA since 2010. He is able to represent the APA in the Ashville and surrounding areas. Please contact him at 800-272-7387 x53 or rperkins@apapets.org

Updated: June 05, 2011

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Beating the heat in Asheville

Summer is here and pets are having fun in the sun! But be careful...

Updated: July 25, 2011

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All of the community pet information you need to know is now in one place!


Pet Owners are special people. They share a common compassion for animals and know the joy that companion animals bring to our lives.

This community of people have long needed a place to meet, get information, share information and have all the pet resources they need in one place.  This is that place.


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Pet Summer Safety Tips for Extreme Heat

•Water - Give your pets plenty of fresh, clean water.  Animals can get dehydrated very quickly especially in the heat.

•Shade - Make sure your pet has a place to go to to get out of the sun.  Try to keep them indoors during extreme heat.

•Rest - Do not over-exercise your animal in the heat.  On a sweltering day, the best time to exercise your pet is in the early morning or late evening.

•Watch - Never leave your animals alone in a parked vehicle.  In extreme heat, the temperature can rise in your vehicle very quickly.  This can leave your pet vulnerable to heat stroke, which can onset very quickly.

Signs of Pet Overheating

•Rapid panting

•Pale gums

•Thick, drooling saliva

•Wide eyes with a glassy look

•Unsteady gait

•Bright red tongue and skin

•Dizziness and lethargy

•Nausea, diarrhea and vomiting

What to do if your Pet is Overheating

•Move your pet into the shade, or indoors where it is cooler.

•Use a fan to blow air on your pet.

•Wet your pet's coat with cool water to lower his body temperature.

•Offer cool water if the dog will take it.

•If the above do not seem to be working, place ice packs or wet towels in the groin area, armpits and neck.

•Contact your vet for further guidance.

Dog Breeds Particularly Susceptible to Overheating

•Certain dog breeds - including Bulldogs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu's, Pugs and Boston Terriers - require extra care in the heat. These breeds become susceptible to the effects of warm surroundings and exertion more quickly as they do not pant as efficiently as longer faced dogs.


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